Best Hair Removal for Men

Kempt March 21, 2013 0

There are many options available that provide the best hair removal for men. Waxing, shaving and depilatory creams are the three main categories on the market right now, and we’ve reviewed the best hair removal products in each category. Here’s what we came up with for our top 5!

Nad's 3494 Nad's for Men Hair Removal Strips Review

The rumours you’ve heard about waxing being painful are all true. But there’s a reason people are still doing it! Long term, it is the gives best hair removal for men who can handle the discomfort. The benefit of this product in particular is that it doesn’t require a microwave to heat the wax. They’re easy to use if you prepare the area correctly (I would advise you to trim any long hair to about ½ inch) and clean up is equally unproblematic.


Pros: Easy to use, works well with right technique, lasting results

Cons: Painful, requires preparation

Nair for Men Body Hair Remover Review

This product works really well, but is fairly time consuming. This is the best hair removal for men who can entertain themselves for ten to fifteen minutes while waiting for it to work. The cream itself gives fantastic results, with none of the pain or irritation of waxing and shaving. I have pretty thick hair, so I needed to use a hair bit to make a dent, but if you have fine hair and sensitive skin, this might just be the winner!


Pros: Great results, no pain or irritation, perfect for fine hair

Cons: Time consuming

MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver Review

While there are lots of great shavers on the market, this product is the best hair removal for men who want all over coverage and want to get it solo. The extendable arm is genius: it allows you to reach every spot on your back without needing to involve another person. It works well on other areas of your body too, but won’t give that smooth as an egg shave that some people might want. Definitely good for keeping things under control though!


Pros: Can be used anywhere on the body, even hard to reach places!

Cons: Not a razor close shave

Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Crème Review

Another gel hair removal product, this one gives slightly quicker results. But this also means that it is significantly more powerful and so I would recommend testing a patch before going all out! And read the instructions! I guarantee you will wish you had if you don’t! Aside from all this, you really will see excellent results with correct use, but might not be the best hair removal for men with sensitive skin.


Pros: Powerful, works quickly

Cons: Possibly not suitable for sensitive skin

Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro Review

If you’re looking for an all over, super-close hair removal, but don’t want to take the plunge and wax, this is the product for you. I shaved everywhere with this when I got it and two days later my skin was still as smooth as ever. The unit itself feels very sturdy and for the price, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed by how long it lasts. After using it a few times, the blades were still cutting like new. If a super-close shave isn’t for you, there’s even an option to vary the length of the trim!


Pros: Fantastic results and quite comfortable

Cons: Not 'out-by-the-roots' smooth

Which product gives the best hair removal for men like you?

Getting rid of bear-like body hair doesn’t have to be a struggle, and there are more options than ever to suit your needs. Whether you have sensitive skin or a hairy back, the solution is out there!