Best Mens Cologne Rated by Women

Kempt September 8, 2012 3
Best Mens Cologne Rated by Women

Hey there guys, it’s Sarah here to tell you what colognes your girl will really like. I’m sure you’ve read the cologne descriptions that rant and rave about how their cologne has been scientifically made to get you all the girls, but let me spread some truth on that. The more science tries to seduce girls, the worse the scents seem to be. These are the best men’s cologne rated by women.

Lascoste’s Essential

I hate strong scents on my man, and most other women do too. This is a very subtle men’s cologne that smells of bergamot, cassis, patchouli and tomato leaves, and it’s actually a very sexy aroma that I absolutely love. Another great thing about this cologne is that it seems to linger all day, but in a good way. -Pro: Smells sexy and stays with you all day, so no unnecessary reapplying. -Con: It seems like this scent is very finicky, so the scent can change if your stress level, body chemistry or diet changes in the smallest bit. It’s still good, but the scent isn’t always consistent.

Calvin Klein’s Eternity

This distinctly masculine cologne is definitely one of the best men’s cologne rated by women. It uses jasmine, basil and sage for a forest smell that is absolutely magical. But, best of all, it isn’t overpowering. You can wear this cologne to any event, and you don’t have to worry about the aroma dissipating on you prematurely. -Pro: This is a versatile cologne that receives top ratings from women all the time, and it smells good wherever you go. -Con: Please try this cologne before buying it. Some guys are perfectly matched for it, but others have a personal aroma that can conflict with this cologne. Just be sure to try it before wasting your money.

Ralph Lauren Polo

If this isn’t a masculine scent, then I don’t know what is. This is the best men’s cologne rated by women for those that really like tough, masculine guys. There are no flowery smells here, so don’t worry about this smelling like perfume at all. It smells like tobacco, leather, oak and basil. It’s a very masculine aroma, so be sure that you have the personality to pull this off. If you can, it makes for a great casual cologne that you can wear to parties, dates and even around friends. -Pro: There is no mistaking this for perfume. This might be the most masculine smelling colognes you can get, and many women absolutely love it. -Con: You need the right personality to pull this off. If you aren’t super masculine, then you might not want this cologne.

Davidoff Cool Water

The best men’s cologne rated by women is Cool Water. This cologne can easily be worn by anyone, anywhere and it would be perfect. It has oak, jasmine, peppermint and moss smells that are very pleasant, and it really leaves a nice, lasting aroma while you wear it. -Pro: Most men and women who smell this fall in love with it. -Con: Never buy the cheaper version because it’s too weak.

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  • bigsteve

    polo and cool water are OK. other ones suck

  • Eazy_T

    I have tried both eternity and cool water. Davidoff cool water definitely steals the show.

    This doesn’t rule out eternity as a good choice. Actually it’s a really really great cologne.

    Davidoff-9/10 Coolwater-8/10

  • vin

    polo “green” is the best I have used, since I started using it years ago,and even today I can’t tell you how many compliments I get or how many ladies know the sent of polo green and still like it.