Best Rated Colognes For Men

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Best Rated Colognes For Men

It's tough to make a decision on the right cologne with so many different colognes are out there. I’ve tried on at least dozens of different colognes in the attempt to find the best ones, and there are those that really stick out from the crowd. If you are looking for the best rated colognes for men, then you have found the perfect article. These are colognes that consistently get high marks in my book.

Gianfranco Ferre Eau De Cologne

This is technically a unisex cologne, but the smell always seems more masculine to me. This cologne evokes a Mediterranean spirit that is rich and lined with many unique and complementing scents. There are flowery aromas like orange blossom and jasmine, but it’s really grounded with woody notes like oak, amber and mahogany. This is one of the best rated colognes for men because it has an exotic smell to it that is unmistakable and very evocative.




-Pro: This is an exotic cologne that is great for parties or wild dates.

-Con: Some guys may think the flowery aromas are a little overpowering.

4711 Eau De Cologne

Is it me, or do too few colognes seem to put effort into their bottle? The packaging is usually pretty good, but the bottle itself always seems to be missing something. 4711’s cologne uses an exotic design that is inspired by Indian art, and the smell takes from many of the best Asian aromas. There is Indian sandalwood, Vetiver from Haiti and rose attar from Thailand. The smell it creates is both natural and masculine, and it remains as one of my all-time favorite colognes.


-Pro: Great bottle design, and the smell is suitable for both casual and formal events.

-Con: The cologne doesn’t last quite as long as some other colognes.

Halston Z-14 Cologne Splash

Many men’s colognes embrace woody scents, but it always leaves them as subtle notes. I don’t understand why because the woody smells are among the best, and they really give you a masculine aroma. Halston’s Cologne Splash fully embraces these aromas by making them the primary scent in the cologne. This is one of the best rated colognes for men because it lasts a long time, is great for daytime wear and the aroma is distinctly masculine without being too assertive or overpowering.


-Pro: A nice, woody aroma that fully embraces cedar, mahogany and other woody scents without being overpowering.

-Con: If you don’t like woody scents, then you probably won’t like this cologne.

Hilfiger Tommy Cologne Spray

This cologne blends the traditional woody notes and scents that are commonly found in many men’s colognes, and it energizes them with a crisp and fresh citrus undertone that is a very welcome contrast to the other aromas. This is one of the best rated colognes for men because it offers a modern scent that young men love, and it feels invigorating to spray this cologne on your skin. This is definitely one of my favorites, and you can use it for any occasion.


-Pro: Offer a clean, modern scent that you will love.

-Con: Slightly more expensive than the other colognes on this list. A bottle typically costs you about $60.

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