The Best Colognes for Young Men

Kempt August 29, 2012 0
The Best Colognes for Young Men

There’s a whole lot of cologne out there, and to be honest, a lot of it isn’t that great. The vast majority of cheap colognes are overpowered or they smell more like perfume. The best colognes for young men should have a masculine odor that is subtle, but still strong enough to be noticed from a few feet away without taking the person’s nose off. These are some of my favorite colognes for young men, and I think that you’ll like them too.

Gucci Guilty for Men

Gucci Guilty for Men is made by one of the world’s most recognized brands in terms of elegance. Gucci adds a lot of different notes into their cologne, but the ones that you will smell most are lemon, cedar, patchouli and spicy pink pepper. This is a bold cologne that is great for young men. -Pro: Gucci does a wonderful job mixing the different ingredients, and the smells perfectly segue into each other. -Con: I found that this cologne is a little stronger than some of the others on this list, and some guys might find it too powerful.

D&G Masculine Cologne for Men

The next of my best colognes for young men is D&G’s cologne. This one is perfect for the night because it uses woody scents that evoke imagery of a nighttime forest. There is basil, thyme, mint and fig in this cologne, and it leaves an uncomplicated scent that is apparent, but still very subtle. -Pro: This is one of the best smelling colognes on this list, and it has an understated charm that doesn’t get old or obnoxious. -Con: The bottle is expensive. A lot of the best cologne for young men is about $60 for 3 ounces. This is $60, but you only get 1.7 ounces.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

Some guys are going to be scared off by this one because it does have a slightly flowery aroma. That’s because it uses jasmine, lavender and rosewood. However, it also uses sandalwood, musk, amber and cedar to balance out the flowery smell. This is perfect for daytime summer activities, or outdoor dates. -Pro: Few colognes seem just right for summer, but this one is perfect. -Con: Some guys just aren’t going to like the flowery aroma, but I’ve found that it’s actually pretty good if you give it a shot.

Davidoff Cool Water

Saving the best for last, I think this is by far one of the best colognes for young men. The Cool Water cologne is iconic, almost legendary, when it comes to attracting women and just smelling amazing. There are a lot of notes in this cologne, but they are balanced perfectly. You’ll find coriander, peppermint, jasmine, oak, moss and many others here. It’s a clean and crisp odor that works perfectly for young men. -Pro: This is personally the cologne I would use for a first date, and it’s a perfect overall cologne that you can wear to any occasion. -Con: There are a lot of fake bottles out there, so make sure you are buying from a real vendor.

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