What is the Best Smelling Cologne for Men

Kempt March 10, 2013 0

You might be wondering what is the best smelling cologne for men, but you don’t want to spend the time and money on trying them all for yourself. The best smelling mens cologne will be different depending on your personal tastes, so we’ve compiled a list to suit a range of preferences.

Burberry Touch For Men Review

As usual, British design house Burberry deliver a winner on all fronts. The bottle is tastefully designed and the scent will have you getting compliments all day. It’s refreshing and subtle meaning it’s perfect for wearing during the day. Only problem is it didn’t last as long as I would like. I ended up going through it pretty quickly to compensate for this.


Pros: Refreshing, subtle, nice bottle

Cons: No staying power

Claiborne Sport by Liz Claiborne for Men Review

This is one the best smelling cologne for men who want a clean fragrance that’s a little sporty. Very masculine, a few spritzes will last you all day. I received a lot of compliments from women when wearing this cologne which is always a good. Unfortunately it’s not an ‘all-rounder’ scent and is only really appropriate for casual occasions.


Pros: Clean, sporty fragrance, not overwhelming

Cons: Casual occasions only

Aspen Cologne by Coty for men

This is a great every-day cologne. It’s well priced and is masculine without being too strong. It reminds me of the outdoors which I absolutely love! It’s recommended for day-time wear, but I think it’s a bit more versatile. Some younger people might find it a little dated, but it’s definitely a best smelling cologne for men.


Pros: Great for every-day, well-priced, outdoorsy scent

Cons: Scent is a little dated

Hugo Boss Hugo Review

Classic, refined, and up-beat are all words that sprang to mind when I first tried this cologne. It’s a great cologne if you don’t want something to serious for more formal occasions. The recommendation is day use but again, I think it translates well to evening use, particularly if you want to keep it casual. It’s not the best smelling mens cologne for summer though, since it’s not as light as I would like.


Pros: Classic, casual

Cons: Not the best for summer

Visconti Di Modrone Acqua Di Selva Eau De Cologne Review

On the market since 1949, this cologne is still around for a reason. It’s crisp, clean, masculine scent is what makes it decades of mens best smelling colognes. Don’t let how long it’s been around for put you off though, this is no old man cologne! It is however a day-time scent, but if you like it, don’t let that stop you!


Pros: Timeless, crisp, clean, not dated

Cons: Day-time wear

Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Cologne Review

If you’ve ever walked into an Abercrombie & Fitch store and wondered what the amazing smell was, you’re in luck. When asking myself what is the best smelling cologne for men, this was one of my first thoughts. It’s strong without being overly sweet and lasts for the whole day. I loved how versatile it was, so it’s a great gift idea too! It’s pretty pricey compared to a lot of other colognes.


Pros: Strong but not sweet, lasting power, versatile

Cons: Pricey

So what is the best smelling cologne for men?

Every mens best smelling cologne will be different, but generally you should avoid scents that are too overwhelming. Choosing one of the colognes off our list of will guarantee compliments from men and women alike and keep you smelling amazing all day long. Hopefully with this list you’ll be able to find your new signature scent.