Best Hair Growth Product for Men

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Even though there are lots of celebrities sporting the super-short look right now, there’s no harm in trying to stem the tide of hair loss. The active ingredient in most hair growth products is minoxidil [] and has been used for decades to promote hair growth. So what is the best hair growth product for men on the market right now? Read on and find out!

Lipogaine for Men: Intensive Treatment & Complete Solution Review

If you’re sceptical about these products, this is the best hair regrowth product for men like you to try. I started noticing results immediately: I would wake up with less hair on my pillow and after a while I started to see hair actually growing back! Like a lot of these products, make sure your scalp is clean before and after application so it can get in there and do its thing.


Pros: Immediate and long term results, stops hair loss, new hair growth over time

Cons: Have to keep scalp clean before and after

Kirkland Signature Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men Review

This product comes as a twelve month supply and is really well-priced for a best hair growth product for men. I noticed hair loss stopped as well as new hair growth at around three months, but I was still happy with the results. The most obvious losses were no longer visible so I’m more than satisfied. The only problem is that they say it is only for use around the crown, not the hair line, but I applied it anyway and saw some results. I think this result would vary from person to person.


Pros: 12 month supply, well-priced, stops hair loss and promotes new hair growth

Cons: Only clinically tested for the crown, not the hair line

HairIntegro for Men Review

I received a six month supply of this product and I saw great results in this time. Interestingly, you also take an oral supplement twice daily with this product, though I’m not clear on exactly what they do. But it all works! It’s particularly effective in areas that are just thinning, but it was worked well everywhere. When I applied the topical treatment, I noticed there was a lot of excess on my hair, but I was told by the company that it’s ok to wipe it out with a towel after about five minutes. It’s a bit complicated to use, but definitely one of the best hair growth product for men.


Pros: 6 month supply, money back guarantee, most effective in areas where hair is thinning

Cons: Complicated topical + supplement regime

Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment Extra Strength Topical Solution Review

The original and still one the best hair growth product for men, when you buy a Rogaine product you know you’re getting a product that has been tried, tested and perfected for decades. While the results will vary from man to man, there’s a reason people have been using this product for so long and that’s because it works! Be aware though that there are side-effects that will occur in all treatments, but again these will vary depending on the use. Don’t be put off by the oiliness of the solution; if you can get past that then you’ll be enjoying fuller hair pretty soon!


Pros: Tried and tested formula, won’t suddenly disappear off the shelves

Cons: Oily solution

What is the best hair growth product for men?

Find out now! If you are starting to notice the effects of hair loss, or have been dealing with them for years, there is a solution! You can reduce your hair loss and promote hair growth with just one of these best hair growth product for men. Stick with it and soon you’ll start to see the amazing results in the mirror every morning.

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