Best Hair Product for Men

Kempt March 21, 2013 0

Deciding to change your hair style (or get one!) means that you need to know what the best hair product for men is to get that style. Obviously what is the best hair product for men will depend on the hairstyle you want to achieve, but we’ve compiled a list of the top five on the market now that are suitable for a range of styles.


This product is the best hair product for men with thin or fine hair who want control. While my hair is thick, I passed this on to a few friends with finer hair and they absolutely loved it. I have to admit, even though I don’t have the right hair type, so did I! I loved that I didn’t have to stand in front of the mirror for ages to get my hair looking right. It really got it under control quickly, and I could restyle during the day without needing more product. I did find that compared to my finer-haired friends, it didn’t hold for as long, but I did expect that.


Pros: Perfect for fine hair, quick control, hair can be restyled throughout the day

Cons: Doesn’t hold for as long on thicker hair

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel Review

If you want to be able to create the kind of style you would get at the barber, this is the best hair product for men for you. But be prepared to pay high-end salon prices! Thankfully, the bottle is pretty generous for how much you pay, and the quality is definitely there. It held my hair all day, but didn’t make it look like some kind of hair-helmet. The only problem I had was when I didn’t cool down enough after working out, the sweat caused it to drip into my eyes and it STANG!


Pros: Salon quality, all-day hold, natural texture

Cons: Expensive, not sweat proof

TIGI Bed Head Men Matte Separation Work Wax Review

Many of the hair waxes I’ve used in the past have left a weird, flaky residue on my hair. Then I tried this one! It leaves hair with a natural texture and doesn’t give it that super shiny finish that looks so artificial. I loved that it washed out easily so it didn’t build up in my hair. It can take a bit of practise to get good at applying it through your hair though, because it is a bit sticky compared to other waxes.


Pros: No flaky residue, natural texture and shine, washes out easily

Cons: A bit sticky and hard to apply

Pinaud Clubman Hair Styling Gel Review

The price isn’t the only thing that’s right about this gel. If you prefer to look like you’ve walked out of a barber shop rather than a high-end hair salon, this is the best hair product for men like you. The scent is masculine, and it provides all-day holding power. I found I got the best results when I applied it while my hair was still a bit damp. If you’re after a very natural look, this probably isn’t for you. It doesn’t make your hair look artificial, but it’s definitely not going to make it look light or textured.


Pros: Masculine, well priced, all-day hold

Cons: Not suitable for ‘natural’ looks

Revlon Uniq One Review

This is great if you want soft, silky hair then this is what you want. If you’ve got a bit of a curl in your and want to preserve that it will give you that because it releases as a light spray. It made my hair feel a lot fuller at the same time, which was surprising. The smell is also really good, but noticeable, so avoid if you want something scent-free.


Pros: Preserves natural curl, leaves hair feeling soft, silky, but also fuller

Cons: Strong scent

The style you want needs the best hair product for men

You can have the hairstyle you want, no matter how unruly your hair might be. It’s all about choosing the right product for the job! So don’t wait any longer to get the look you’re after.