Best Hair Styling Product for Men

Kempt March 14, 2013 0

Are you sick of seeing other men walk around with cool hairstyles but you don’t know how to recreate the look? That’s all about to end with our reviews of the top five best hair styling product for men. Read on to find out what your new weapon of choice will be!

Vitalis Hair Tonic Liquid Review

If you like to blow dry your hair, but hate how dry and frazzled it can leave it, this is the best hair styling product for men like you. I found that it left my hair shiny (but not too shiny!) and manageable where it was usually a curly, frizzy mess. Only problem I could find with it was the smell, and that really wasn’t that bad.


Pros: Helps keep hair manageable after blow drying, hair looked shiny

Cons: Smell isn’t great

Suave Professionals Men's Styling Paste Review

This hair styling product is easy to apply and gives you control over your mop without making it look unnatural. It’s extremely well priced for the quality it offers and isn’t too heavy on thin or fine hair. This is the best hair styling product for men on a budget who don’t want compromise on quality. Unfortunately, when I applied it and went out on a bike ride, I noticed that it went a little flaky, but as long as you avoid tight things on your head right after applying it you should be fine.


Pros: Inexpensive, holds style while maintaining natural textures

Cons: Can’t wear a helmet/hat after applying it

Redken For Men Maneuver Working Wax Review

This is a medium hold wax, so it’s the best hair product for men who want just a little control while maintaining their natural texture. It doesn’t leave your hair looking shiny or greasy like some hair waxes. I like to apply it to my hair when it’s still damp so it can hold the shape of just washed hair. While I enjoyed its masculine scent, I would avoid this if you don’t like perfumed products.


Pros: Natural ingredients, feels like it’s working from the inside out

Cons: Strong smell when first applied

American Crew Fiber Review

Designed to recreate modern fashionable styles, it sculpts and moulds while maintaining a matte finish. The best hair styling product for men who want to create the perfect messy style and have it stay that way all day. I love all America Crew products, but this one really is a standout in an already high-quality product range. I would definitely recommend applying it to damp hair though, and don’t use too much or you will notice flakes start to appear during the day. I found that I couldn’t use it day after day without seeing a lot of build up, so unless you’re washing your hair regularly, use sparingly.


Pros: Create cool styles with a matte finish, all-day hold

Cons: Builds up on hair with repeated use

Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste Review

What I love about this product is its versatility. I found that it gave excellent holding power with the freedom to alter and fix the style throughout the day. It also washes out of your hair easily so you don’t get that gross build-up where you need to wash your hair twice just to get it out. My favourite feature was the fact that it can be used to give a wet or dry look, depending on whether you apply it to wet or dry hair. I just wish the container had been bigger!


Pros: Holds well, hair can be restyled during the day, washes out easily, gives wet or dry look

Cons: Don’t get much

Have you found the best hair styling product for men like you?

Getting the hairstyle you want can be as easy as purchasing a single product. There is a product on this list to suit every style, so don’t wait any longer!