Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser Review

Kempt August 15, 2012 0
Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser Review


Are you tired of moisturizers and anti-aging products that swear that they work and have all these great promises and benefits, but then you find that they don’t do anything? There are many men’s skin care products that rely on faith, but this doesn’t cut it for men that really want noticeably better skin. Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser is one of the few men’s skin care products that really tells you about all the major ingredients. I've found that this product is one of those "I do just about everything" products that everyone should have handy.


Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser has a lot of different benefits, but I’ll only highlight the major ones. The first thing that it does is moisturize and repair skin. It does this by improving the muscle tone, activating your body’s natural hydration system and it visibly reduces damage and imperfections like enlarged pores and puffiness. These effects are mostly achieved from Alpha Lipoic Acid. This product is also an anti-aging product, and it reduces aging signs with DMAE and vitamins C ester. These two products are able to improve the elasticity of skin so it looks and actually feels younger, and it lifts and tones the skin so it’s like having a mini facelift. Skin tends to discolor with age, but the vitamin C ester is able to diminish this, and it will give you a nice and healthy glow that just looks amazing.

Skin Type

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser is a product that has been made to serve men with dry, oily and normal skin. It doesn’t matter what skin type you have, you can still use this product. This is because the product doesn’t use any paraben, and it doesn’t use any oil.


This product absorbs very cleanly into the skin, and you shouldn’t have to worry about any leftover residue. At the same time, it does take a bit longer to absorb than most other products in my experience. However, the delay is only by a minute or two, so it’s really nothing to be concerned about.

Time To Use

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser is best used twice a day. You can use it after waking up, and once before going to sleep. If you don’t have many aging signs, then you can stretch the bottle by using it once a day.


This is a lightweight moisturizer that is easy to apply, and it feels very smooth. The texture is very pleasing to the touch, and your skin will quickly feel the benefits when you apply it. I actually noticed that it started changing my skin within a few minutes, and the effects increase as you use it.

Who Should Use It?

This is primarily meant for men who are starting to see aging signs in their skin. However, younger men can use this to keep their skin healthy and wrinkle free.

Does It Work?

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser is one of the few products that is very upfront about its ingredients, and all of them check out to be effective in the fight against aging.