Best Mens Matte Moisturizers

Kempt August 27, 2012 0
Best Mens Matte Moisturizers

Getting a good mens matte moisturizer is very important for men with oily skin, or those that don’t want to shine like a light bulb. I’ve seen plenty of guys wear those oil-based moisturizers, and it just brings out how oily they look. It doesn’t compliment their skin, and many guys feel embarrassed when they see how bad they look. However, this list of mens matte moisturizer products will keep you from shining like a Christmas tree whenever you are in the light.

Anthony Logistics Oil-Free Facial Lotion

This moisturizer does a great job of making your skin nice and smooth without bringing out the oil. In fact, it actually reduces the oiliness in your skin so that it becomes less of a problem over time. This also uses glycerin, which is perfect for keeping all the moisture in your skin. There are silk amino acids here that will leave you feeling very, very smooth when you are finished applying the moisturizer. -Pro: This mens matte moisturizer is blended perfectly, and it has many long-term benefits. -Con: I found that the moisturizer was a little thick, so you really have to rub it in to ensure there are no clumps left on your face or skin.

Lab Series Instant Moisture Gel

This product doesn’t last as long as many other mens matte moisturizer products, but it does give you instant relief and protection from drying out. This lightweight moisturizer will immediately hydrate your skin, and you can quickly apply it within seconds. It’s specifically made to help you withstand even the most sporadic climate conditions. -Pro: Goes on very quickly, and the matte finish will keep anyone from noticing your oily skin. -Con: It doesn’t last quite as long as the other matte moisturizers, but that’s because it’s made for more instant results. This is best kept as an emergency product when you are out and about.

ClarinsMen Shine-Free Gel

This oil-free gel is made to give your skin that perfect texture and smoothness that you need to look healthy and alert. It can help repair the imperfections in your skin, and it will also reduce the oil in your skin so that you don’t need to worry about being too shiny, even after the moisturizer has worn off. The gel is also cooling, so it’s great for those hot days when you need to feel a little rejuvenated. -Pro: This mens matte moisturizer will reduce inflammation, and it can even calm razor burn. -Con: A little expensive considering the size. This is usually $50 to $60, and you only get about 1.7 ounces.

Matte for Men Complete Face Care Lotion Pump

Moist mens matte moisturizers come in small bottles, but this is a large pump that gives you over 6 ounces of moisturizer. Most men suffer from oily skin for life, and having a small bottle just doesn’t do it. But, larger bottles typically also mean lower quality. This is actually by favorite moisturizer because it is very easy to apply, it keeps my skin nice and healthy and it will reduce your skin shine even when you aren’t wearing any moisturizer. -Pro: A great product that gives you sun protection, permanent skin shin reduction and powerful moisturizing effect. -Con: The pump is big, so you won’t be able to hide it if your oily skin embarrasses you.