Biotherm Absolute Gel Review

Kempt August 9, 2012 0
Biotherm Absolute Gel Review

Biotherm is known for making some of the world's best men's moisturizers, and they have many different products and lines to choose from. Today I'm going to review the Biotherm Absolute Gel. This is one of their most popular products, and for a very good reason. At the same time, it's not quite as versatile as some of their other moisturizers because you should only use it later in the day. Read my review to find out more. biotherm-absolute-gel

Moisturizing and Absorption

There's no reason to get a moisturizer if it doesn't make your skin feel nice and smooth, and the moisturizer also has to properly absorb to ensure that the deeper parts of your skin are really feeling the benefits. Many low-quality moisturizers just sit on top of the skin and make that layer feel smooth, but it has to absorb if you want long-term benefits. Biotherm Absolute Gel absorbs very quickly. I noticed that it was fully absorbed within a few minutes, and there was hardly any residue left. My skin also felt very moist and smooth after using this just once, and the effects got even better after using it for a few weeks.


Texture is another important element of a moisturizer. A greasy, sticky moisturizer is just unpleasant to use, and it's usually the mark of low-quality ingredients. The problems are even worse for those that have oily skin because greasy products tend to make your skin shine more, and they can even cause acne by clogging the pores. Biotherm Absolute Gel is neither greasy or sticky. It actually feels just slightly oily, but that's to be expected from nearly any moisturizer. The texture is pleasant on your skin, and it will feel good the whole day.

Skin Type

Just what skin type is best suited for Biotherm's Absolute Gel? The product is versatile in this regard because it can be used on virtually any skin type. It moisturizes dry skin, it isn't greasy so it works for oily skin and normal skin feels great when you use this.

Time of Use

Most moisturizers can be used during any part of the day, but not Biotherm Absolute Gel. This moisturizer is only meant for night care. You can go out during the night with it, or you can use it overnight if you want. Thankfully, the gel absorbs quickly, so you won't have to worry about a sticky residue getting all over your pillow if you toss and turn. This product is also oligo-thermal, which makes it even better for night care. This means that it works best at lower temperatures, and it will quickly get to work moisturizing and protecting your skin during the night.

Who Should Use It?

This product is best for people that get irritated skin during the night, or those that wake up with dry or oily skin.

Does It Work?

The oligo-thermal properties of this gel ensures that it works best during cooler temperatures at night, and the other ingredients in this product allow it to really moisturize the parts of your skin that matter. biotherm-absolute-gel

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