Best Dark Circle Eye Cream for Men

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Dark circles under your eyes can make you look exhausted and burnt out. You might feel this way sometimes, but you don’t have to look it with these dark circle remover for men products. We’ve created reviews of the best dark circle eye cream for men on the market right now to help you stay looking fresh and alert all day long.

Anthony Logistics for Men Eye Cream Review

This cream claims to be a dark circle remover for men at the same time as reducing puffiness, erasing fine lines and wrinkles, and increasing the firmness of your skin. Pretty big claims! But I’m happy to report that it actually comes through! The dark circles under my eyes were definitely reduced and since this was my primary goal, all the other effects were just a bonus. I would recommend testing it on a small patch first if you have sensitive skin because it does contain a lot of chemicals.


Pros: Reduces dark circles and fine lines, makes skin firmer

Cons: Be careful with sensitive skin

EVAPORTÉ for Men – Dark Circles & Eye Bags Formula Review

What I really loved about this product was how quick the results were. The box says that it’s clinically tested and they provided some results to show how quickly it worked, so I decided to test and see how my skin reacted. I was really pleased with the results and noticed a huge reduction in the dark circles after a few weeks of use that. It also absorbed quickly meaning I didn’t have a weird shiny finish under my eyes. Only issue is the price, but I guess you do have to pay for quality!


Pros: Good, quick results, absorbs immediately

Cons: Expensive

Herbal Destination Under Eye Cream Review

This is the best dark circle remover for men who want a product that uses natural ingredients. It contains saffron and cucumbers (can you already feel your eyes cooling down?) and is very mild, so it’s great for men with sensitive skin. I loved that in addition to reducing the dark circles and puffiness, it also felt like it was actually refreshing my eyes not just on the surface, but from the inside too. The initial scent is quite strong, but it does fade after a while.


Pros: Natural ingredients, feels like it’s working from the inside out

Cons: Strong smell when first applied

L'Oreal Paris Men's Expert Hydra-Energetic Ice Cold Eye Roller Review

This is one of the easiest products on the list to use because it comes inside of a tube with a ballpoint pen style dispenser at the end. All you need to do is quickly roll it on and watch as it absorbs and starts to work its magic on that last dark circle men everywhere hate. I liked how pleasantly chilly it felt when I applied it, and how much less puffy my eyes were. The only issue I would raise with it is that I didn’t quite know how much I was supposed to be using, because it didn’t come with instructions! So I would recommend experimenting to see what works best for you.


Pros: Easy to use, pleasantly chilly on application

Cons: No clear instructions on how much to use

Clarins Men Anti Fatigue Eye Serum Review

I’ve tried a lot of products in the Clarins range and loved them all, and this is no exception. The serum itself has the texture of a high-quality product but the price is surprisingly low. I was satisfied with the results I got after only a few uses, and I liked that it actually moisturised my skin at the same time. The only annoying thing I noticed was the bulky packaging. It makes it hard to take it with you in your gym bag of a morning, but otherwise a great product!


Pros: Well priced, effective, moisturising

Cons: Bulky packaging

Find the best dark circle eye cream for men today!

If you’re sick of looking like you’ve hard half as much sleep as you actually have when you wake up in the morning, these dark circle eye cream for men products are the answer you’ve been looking for. Start looking fresher today!

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