Anthony Logistics Self Tanner Review

Kempt September 3, 2012 0
Anthony Logistics Self Tanner Review

Anthony Logistics has made a lot of different mens skin care products, but I have to say that one of my favorites is the Anthony Logistics Self Tanner. This product has a lot of benefits that will help both younger and older men, and it can be used by just about anyone regardless of skin type, allergies or other problems. If you are looking for a sun kissed tan without waiting for the sun to do it on its own, then try out this self-tanner. Read my review to see if it’s best for you.


One of the best things about the Anthony Logistics Self Tanner is that it has a lot of different benefits. The main benefit, and the one that will benefit men of any age, is that this product can help you tan much faster than trying to go it alone. There are many vitamins like A and E that will help your skin adapt to tanning, and there are other products that will help you quickly get a natural looking tan.

The second benefit is that this lotion can help revitalize skin. It is made to help boost and moisturize your skin from deep within your body, and it can also reduce discolorations and blotches that occur from too much sun exposure and aging. The many fruit extracts, like lemon and orange, can also fight free radicals to keep these little buggers from destroying your skin.

The third benefit of Anthony Logistics Self Tanner is its anti-aging effects. If your skin looks a little more mature than you want, then you can help correct that with this product. It will smooth out any wrinkles or cracks that you acquired through the years, and it can correct the texture of your skin to make it look and feel young again.

Skin Type

Anthony Logistics Self Tanner has been rated for all skins, and it works for dry, oily and normal skin without any problems between them. You can use this regardless of your skin type. Not only that, but it is free of allergens and most conventional irritants, so you shouldn’t suffer from these problems, either.

Time to Use

You can use this whenever you want during the day to get a beautiful, dark tan. It’s best to use before going out in the sun after cleaning and exfoliating your skin. You should only apply it once a day. There aren’t any dangers of using it more than that, but it won’t be any more effective.

Where to Apply

Having a tan all over the body looks great, but can Anthony Logistics Self Tanner effectively do this? This product can be used anywhere on your body if you like, but it was really made to help tan the face and neck.

Who Should Use It?

This is great for men that want to erase the signs of aging while getting a great tan.

Does It Work?

Anthony Logistics Self Tanner has been made with many vitamins, fruit extracts and other ingredients that have been proven to be beneficial for men’s skin.

Best Price

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Anthony Logistics For Men Self Tanner with Anti Aging Complex 70g/2.5oz