The Best Mens Tanning Lotions

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The Best Mens Tanning Lotions

The best mens tanning lotion will help you achieve that warm and bronzed tan quicker than just going out into the sun, and it will also help moisturize your skin when you are in the heat. There are a lot of mens tanning lotions, but only a few can be called the best. If you aren’t using one of these four products, then you should consider buying at least one right now and trying it out.

Kick Start Instant Tanning Lotion

Some tanning lotions promise to help you tan quicker, but few of them have the ingredients or the science behind them to really boast that claim. This is one of the best mens tanning lotion products because it uses products that scientifically boost your melanin to give you a faster tan. There are four different protein ingredients to help boost your tanning, and aloe is also present to keep you cool and hydrated at the beach, or on a tanning bed. -Pro: Has the science behind it to actually give you a faster and darker tan. -Con: It doesn’t have the much sun protection, so this is best as an indoor tanning lotion.

Polaar Tinted Self Tanner

This is one of the best mens tanning lotion products because it serves two purposes. The first thing it does is it gives you a light tan because the lotion is slightly tinted. It also uses several different ingredients that will help give you a real tan when the lotion is gone, and there won’t be any orange marks left behind from the lotion. Not only that, but this will keep you moisturized for hours and hours. -Pro: Gives you an instant tan, and boosts your natural tanning. -Con: The instant tan looks a little inconsistent on darker skin colors or those that already have a tan, so it’s only good for the beginning of spring or summer.

Frost Cooling Mega Bronzer

Do you want a really dark tan? If you are tired of those light tans that are just slightly noticeable, then grab a can of Frost Cooling Mega Bronzer. This is one of the best mens tanning lotion products because it’s one of the few that focuses on really dark tans. Not only that, but it will help you feel cool while you are in the sun or tanning bed. It also reduces sweat to help with tanning. -Pro: It will help you break through any tanning plateaus you reached by giving you a dark tan. -Con: This is a bit of a niche product, and those that want a lighter, more natural looking tan may find this product a little too strong.

Anthony Logistics Self Tanner With Anti-Aging Complex

I love this product, and it’s by far the best mens tanning lotion. It’s great for any age group due to its anti-aging ingredients, it will protect you from the sun, boost your tanning, give you a great bronzed look and it’s silky smooth and easy to apply. -Pro: This lotion does everything. -Con: I hope you’re not looking for a bargain because this costs between $60 and $70. However, the quality is worth it.

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