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Finding the beard trimmer best suited to your hair type is crucial to achieving the results you want. We got together men with a range of different hair types and needs and asked what is the best beard trimmer for you. These are the best rated trimmers we found for a range of men.

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men's Rechargeable Moustache and Beard Trimmer Review

If you have thick beard hair like me, look no further for the best beard trimmer for you. I love that I can use this trimmer anywhere and know that I don’t need to worry that it will run out of charge. As I mentioned, my hair is thick and coarse, and normally trimming the whole thing can take a while. I also like to change the length of my beard every now and then, and its simple to do with this trimmer. The only time I’ve not been able to achieve the look I want is when I needed a fairly close trim, but that rarely comes up!


Pros: Powerful enough to get through thick hair, long battery life, cordless

Cons: Not good for close trims

Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-S Hair & Body Trimmer Review

I have relatively fine hair, and I don’t like to keep the same style for long periods of time when it comes to my beard. For my hair and purposes, this beard trimmer best provided the results I wanted. It has 19 different length settings, and switching between them is easy. I also loved that I could use it wet or dry, because I’m often in a rush in the morning and knowing it will fit in with whatever I’m doing! It gets through my beard quickly, but I can imagine that if your hair was a little coarser it might take a bit more time.


Pros: Good for fine hair, lots of consistent length settings, wet or dry use

Cons: Not as good for coarse hair

Oster Clipper 76 and T-finisher Trimmer Combo Review

This unit set me back a fair chunk of cash, but I can guarantee you it was worth every penny. I have pretty normal hair, but I like to keep it short and neat. When I was asked which is the best beard trimmer I’ve used to achieve this, there was no hesitation. This is it. It’s professional quality and feels like you could throw it against a wall and it would bounce back at you. Only problem I could see other guys’ having is the size. I’ve got pretty big hands but I can imagine it might be a bit uncomfortable if you didn’t.


Pros: Perfect for a super-close trim, powerful, well built

Cons: Bulky, expensive

Andis Professional 04710 T-Outliner Personal Trimmer Review

I have fairly normal hair and like a close trim, but my skin is very sensitive, so when I started using my Andis trimmer I was blown away. I’d never been able to get such a close trim without seriously painful rashes that lasted for days. All of that changed and this is easily the beard trimmer best suited to sensitive skin. Even better, it’s lasted me for years now. The only problem is that when I use it for a long time it starts to heat up. It’s not normally an issue for me though because I can use it so regularly now.


Pros: Perfect for sensitive skin, close trim, lasting quality

Cons: Heats up during long uses

So what is the best beard trimmer?

Whether your hair is thick and coarse, or thin and fine, or if you have highly sensitive skin, we’ve found the best beard trimmer for you! Keeping your beard the way you want it doesn’t need to be a struggle!

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