Best Beard Hair Trimmer

Kempt March 27, 2013 0

Saving money isn’t the only reason to start using a hair and beard trimmer. If you use the best beard and hair trimmer then you can also get barbershop results at home whenever you want. Who wouldn’t want that convenience! With our review of the best hair and beard trimmer products on the market right now, you’re sure to find something that suits you.

Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-S Hair & Body Trimmer Review

What I really love about this trimmer is that it’s completely water proof. That’s right. You can use this in the shower, saving time and creating a lot less mess. The design suits this purpose too, with a rubberised grip that ensures you won’t drop it. The length setting is adjustable, so I could trim my beard at one length and quickly switch to another for trimming my hair. I only wish it had a battery charge display so I could see how long I had before it needed to be charged.


Pros: Water-proof, rubberised grip, easily adjustable length setting

Cons: No battery charge display

Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer Review

The weight of this product is perfect and it really is one of the best bead hair trimmer on the market. If you find that trimming your hair and beard can take a while, you’ll love this trimmer just as much as I do. I also found that it was basically impossible to accidentally (or on purpose) cut yourself with this trimmer, so you don’t need to worry about getting into trouble on the back of your head. I did find it to be a little underpowered for the thicker hair on my head, but it still gave a great trim, just a bit time consuming.


Pros: Lightweight, easy to hold, impossible to cut yourself

Cons: Underpowered for thick hair

Remington HC5550 Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer Review

If you have thick hair like me, this is the best hair and beard trimmer for you. It cuts through any hair you put in front of it with ease, and is simple to clean. All I had to do was press a button and the blades slid out ready to be rinsed. If you like a really close trim, this isn’t the product for you. I found that I couldn’t get my beard trimmed to shorter than half an inch, which is great for some but not for all.


Pros: Powerful, cuts through thick hair easily, simple cleaning mechanism

Cons: Can’t get a really close trim

Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System Review

This isn’t just one of the best beard hair trimmer products, it’s one of the best everything trimmers! Ears, nose, eyebrows, moustache, sideburns… the list goes on. If you’re looking for true versatility this is hard to beat. The price is also great, and it comes with a travel pouch! The only indication I got that it was a cheaper product was the comb at the top which felt a little flimsy.


Pros: Good price, versatile, bonus travel pouch

Cons: Slightly flimsy comb

Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion Review

Another ‘all-in-one’ trimmer set, this product is a little more expensive, but does come with a lithium ion rechargeable battery. If you like to trim cordless, these batteries are the way to go. They hold the charge for a long time and maintains a high power level. Unfortunately, the other accessories didn’t work as well as I would have liked, but definitely one of the best beard and hair trimmer.


Pros: Lithium-ion battery included, holds charge, powerful

Cons: Other accessories not as good as beard/hair trimmer

What is the best beard hair trimmer?

Trips to the barber can be a thing of the past with one of these best beard and hair trimmer products. Start saving now!