Best Beard Trimmer for Men

Kempt March 13, 2013 0

Do you want to know what the best beard trimmer for men is? We’ve researched, tested and reviewed the top five best beard trimmers on the market right now so you can get the answers you need without the effort.

Oster Clipper 76 and T-finisher Trimmer Combo Review

This is a go-to trimmer for professional barbers around the world, and you can have the same quality in your own home. The motor is powerful, but doesn’t overheat or wake up the sleeping baby three streets over. It’s not exactly ergonomically designed, and its size might be a bit restrictive if your hands are a little small, or if you want to get into tight places.


Pros: Professional quality, powerful but silent motor

Cons: Very large in the hand

Andis Professional 04710 T-Outliner Personal Trimmer Review

As soon as you pick this trimmer up, you can feel the quality. It’s built to last and is the best beard trimmer for men who want professional quality at a reasonable price. It not only trims beards, but also can be used for outlining the forehead and neck. The blades are really sharp and also feel like they’ll last awhile. I did find that when I used it for a long time, it heated up and I had to wait before I could use it again.


Pros: Built to last, versatile, sharp blades

Cons: Heats up with longer uses

Philips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer Precision Trimmer Review

Versatility is this products middle name. On top of trimming your beard and sideburns, it will also take care of any nose or ear hair you might have. It’s motor is silent as a mouse and comes with a handy carry-case for all the accessories. This is a perfect all-in-one product if you travel a lot. The only issue I had with it was the design. There were a number of little problems with the way it handles, but still easily makes it to the list of best beard trimmer for men.


Pros: Versatile, handy carry case, great for travel

Cons: Hard to handle

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men's Rechargeable Mustache and Beard Trimmer Review

This is one of the cheapest shavers on the list but it still packs a punch. I’ve been able to use this trimmer for months without needing to recharge the battery. That’s value for money in my opinion! It’s easy to adjust the depth of the trim, but I did find that if I wanted a close trim, it didn’t work as well as at the longer settings.


Pros: Cheap, amazing battery life, great range of lengths

Cons: Didn’t work as well at a close trim

TRYM – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit Review

If you love nothing more than sleek, well-designed products, this is the best beard trimmer for men for you. There’ll be no hiding this unit in the medicine cabinet, and the quality of the trimmer matches the design. It comes with a range of really useful accessories including a cleaning brush and oil, but the instructions leave a lot to be desired and I couldn’t really work out if it was charging or not.


Pros: Sleek design, good shave, useful accessories

Cons: Instructions weren’t clear

The best beard trimmer for men is a click away

Trimming your cool new beard doesn’t have to be a pain, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good quality product. Choosing the best beard trimmer for men like you is hopefully a bit easier with these reviews. Now’s the time to get the look you want with ease!

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