Best Electric Mens Shavers

Kempt March 5, 2013 0

Electric razors are a great way to get a quick, smooth shave time after time, but you might be concerned that to get a quality product, that you’ll have to spend the world. These days, that’s just not the case, and our list of the best mens electric shavers are all under $100! We searched the best rated mens electric shavers and found products that are affordable but still high quality.

Panasonic ES-LT41-K Men's 3-Blade (Arc 3) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades Review

This product can be used day after day without any irritation to your skin. It’s rechargeable and can be used with normal shaving cream, in the shower or out of the shower. Could not have been any more versatile! It has three nanoblades that give a close shave, but if you have coarse hair like me, you might need to go over problem areas more than once. It’s incredibly easy to clean and has a locking switch so it won’t accidentally switch on, meaning it’s great for travelling.


Pros: Good for daily use, rechargeable, wet/dry use, good for travel

Cons: Extra effort needed if you have coarse hair

Braun Series 3-390cc Men's Shaving System Review

If you need a shaver that has a super long battery life, this is one of the best electric mens shavers around. The first charge lasted three weeks, and six weeks in, I’m still waiting for the initial charge up-charge down process to be done. Another great feature of this shaver is the comb that helps get the flat-lying hairs that are normally impossible to get. While the unit itself is well priced, the refills for the shaver are a bit expensive.


Pros: Incredible battery life, flat-lying hair comb

Cons: Expensive refills

Philips Norelco Speed Electric Razor Review

Getting a fast, smooth, comfortable shave is easy with this product. I loved the countertop stand that it comes with because it helps reduce clutter in the bathroom. I used this product constantly for a few months and the blades were nowhere near in need of replacing and I can’t see them needing it for a long time. You will need to keep this unit very clean, particularly if you’re using it regularly, because it can get clogged up.


Pros: Excellent shave, handy accessories, sharp blades that last

Cons: Needs regular cleaning

Philips Norelco HS8420 Nivea for Men Razor Review

The second Phillips product on the list, this is one of the mens electric shavers best suited for men who like to keep their skin in good condition but don’t have a lot of time. It directly dispenses Nivea for Men conditioner as you shave, meaning irritation is reduced as you shave, not after. You really need to clean this unit after every use though, because it gets clogged with conditioner. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do. I got a close shave and soft skin with this razor, but it wasn’t as fast as others.


Pros: Conditions your skin as you shave, leaves skin smooth and soft, easy to clean

Cons: Need to clean after every use, not a fast shave

Wahl Professional 8061 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper Review

This shaver provided by far the closest shave of any products on the list without any razor bumps. No small feat with hair like mine! The only downsides I found was the lack of a trimmer, but otherwise a real winner.


Pros: Incredibly close shave, no irritation

Cons: No trimmer attachment

Get the best rated mens electric shavers for less!

Getting one the best mens electric shavers on the market doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can get your hands on any of the products on this list for well under $100, and it will last you longer than many more expensive products. Start getting the close shave you want now!