Best Men’s Beard Trimmer

Kempt September 11, 2012 0
Best Men’s Beard Trimmer

Styling and maintaining takes a lot of work, and you can only do it with the best men’s beard trimmer. While you could always go with a substandard model, there’s nothing better than having some real power in your hands to help you keep that beard in line. If you want to find a beard trimmer that will really work for you, then read this article. You will find some of the best trimmers around, and there is sure to be one that you will love.

Braun Cruzer 6

This is a beard and head trimmer, but I’ll only focus on the beard features for this article. This is one of the best men’s beard trimmer because it comes with six length settings so you can get a good stubble of full bearded look, and the stainless steel blades are durable and capable of helping you achieve the perfect beard style. There is also a dual battery system. This allows the Braun Cruzer 6 to have a boost of extra power when needed to tackle the thicker portions of your beard. -Pro: Has many length settings, and the blades are very durable. -Con: The charger is cumbersome and rather large, so it might be hard to use in cramped outlets.

Philips Norelco All-In-One Grooming System

The Norelco All-In-One trimmer is one of the best men’s beard trimmer units because this gives you control over your beard in many different ways. You get a full nine adjustable lengths, and this allows you to really control just how long or short you want different sections of your beard to be. It also gives you several different heads to use. The two best for beard trimming is the beard and mustache comb, and the mini foil comb. The mini foil allows you to really get those thin lines and details that some guys like. -Pro: The different heads and adjustable lengths give you a great amount of control over your beard. -Con: The battery has to be fully charged before you can use the trimmer.

Wahl All-In-One Lithium Ion Trimmer

One of the biggest problems with many beard trimmers is the battery. It typically only lasts 30 to 50 minutes, and the battery can take hours to charge. This Wahl beard trimmer fixes all that. It uses a powerful lithium ion battery that charges in less than an hour, and it has over two hours worth of power. It also has 2X the torque, so this trimmer can really go through your beard like none other. -Pro: A very long battery life and a lot of power for thicker beards. -Con: Some men have complained about a bit of tugging and pulling.

Remington MB-200

This is the best men’s beard trimmer in my book. I love this titanium blade used on this beard trimmer because they last a really long time and they are more than sharp enough to quickly go through the most untamed beard hair. This trimmer also has nine different length settings, and the trimmer is ergonomic and easy to hold. -Pro: Titanium blades that sharpen themselves and last for a very long time. -Con: The trimmer head is a little too big for very detailed styling work.

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