Best Men’s Electric Body Shaver

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Best Men’s Electric Body Shaver

Most men just worry about shaving their face, but it’s now becoming normal for us to have nice, smooth skin all over our body. That means smooth arms, chest, back and everywhere else. A lot of women like this clean look, and it feels great. However, most conventional shavers and trimmers just aren’t that great at cutting anything except facial hair. This list will detail the best men’s electric body shaver product so that you get that smooth feeling all over.

Braun Series 3-370 Solo Men’s Shaving System

This is an amazing electric body shaver that really gets all the hair when you pass it over your arms, chest and back. It uses a foil pattern that is made to cut from different angles, and this will ensure that hair growing in different or weird directions will be cut efficiently and quickly without any tugging. This also uses a free-floating system that can cut hair with impeccable comfort and ease. braun-3-370 -Pro: One of the best features is that it can cut hair from different directions, and this makes it much easier when you are shaving your whole body. -Con: The head is a little small for a body shaver, so it might take a bit longer to shave everything on larger areas like your chest.

Philips Norelco BodyGroom Pro BG2040

This is one of the best men’s electric body shaver units because it uses a head that can pivot 360 degrees, and that is perfect when you are shaving all over your body. It also uses rounded blades that keep your skin from getting scratched or irritated while shaving, and the body is water-resistant. philips-bodygroom -Pro: The head makes it easier to get around those tricky areas. -Con: The battery only lasts 50 minutes, which may not be enough if you have to shave everything.

MANGROOMER Private Body Shaver

This is a nice and simple shaver, and it’s one of the best men’s electric body shaver units if you just want something that isn’t complicated. This shaver has a large head that can easily shave your whole chest or back in just a few passes, and the lightweight design makes it perfect for trips and vacations. mangroomer-private -Pro: Simple, uncomplicated and easy for anyone to use. -Con: It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, but it does get the job done.

Panasonic ES8243A 4-Blade Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades

Have you ever shaved with blades created with nanotechnology? Panasonic create the smoothest, sharpest blades possible for shaving. The foil and blades are curved and sharpened to ensure the closest cut you can scientifically get across your whole body. If you want to stay smooth for days and days, then this is one of the best men’s electric body shaver units. It also has a self-cleaning mode to get rid of any stuck hairs. panasonic-ES8243A -Pro: You will get an incredibly close shave each and every time, and this is by far my favorite body shaver. -Con: Some people with sensitive skin might feel irritation around their most sensitive areas because the shave is so close. However, this only seems to affect a small percentage of men.

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