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With beards making a huge comeback in men’s fashion, using a precision beard trimmer is more important than ever. Whether the style is rugged and untamed or chiselled and defined, if you want to groom your beard to perfection these are the products for you!

Andis Professional 04603 Outliner II Personal Trimmer Review

This is perfect if you’re trying to achieve a fade or stylised trim because of its close cutting blades. It really is a precision beard trimmer and provided me one of the most accurate trims I’ve ever had. As a bonus, I found I could use this trimmer for some body hair as well, and there are a great range of accessories that go with it for other trimmer needs. Only issue I had was that it was a little loud and heated up after a while.


Pros: Great for stylised trims, accurate, works on some body hair, extras available

Cons: A bit loud, heats up

Oster Clipper 76 and T-finisher Trimmer Combo Review

This is easily a contender for best precision beard trimmer on the market, but you definitely pay for it! It’s a go-to trimmer for barbers everywhere so you know you’re getting quality. The clipper blades are easily interchangeable, so I found I could create a perfectly graduated trim. It stayed cool as well, even for a really big job. Even though the price is high, the unit itself is solid, if maybe a little large for some peoples’ hands.


Pros: Professional quality, easily changeable clipper blades, excellent quality

Cons: Expensive, slightly bulky

Philips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer Precision Trimmer Review

If you have a big ‘stache that needs to be trimmed, then this is the best precision beard trimmer for you. It comes with a storage case, which is handy because you also get a few extras on top of the trimmer. It can also be used to trim nose, ear and eyebrow hair, and is surprisingly quiet! Only problem with it was that it was a bit bulky and hard to handle.


Pros: Great for thick moustaches, bonus carry case, ear, nose and eyebrow trimmer, quiet

Cons: Bulky and hard to handle

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men's Rechargeable Mustache and Beard Trimmer Review

What I really loved about this trimmer was that you could adjust the length of the trim on the fly. The battery life is also impressive, and I found that it was precise beard trimmer particularly around the harder to reach areas like your chin and jawbone. The wide spacing of teeth on the comb might make it a bit difficult to straighten out those short, curlier hairs. Otherwise a great product!


Pros: Adjustable length, long battery life, precise in hard to reach places

Cons: Wide spacing of the comb teeth is not ideal

TRYM – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit Review

This is a really good looking trimmer. But beautiful design isn’t all it has to offer; it’s powerful enough to handle a thick beard and has a long battery life. The teeth on the comb of the trimmer are closely packed, meaning it gave an even trim. The attachments were all actually useful so I didn’t have random bits and pieces clogging up my bathroom. This is the perfect precision beard trimmer for men who want to keep their bathroom as sleek and clean as the rest of their spaces and gadgets. The only problem with this trimmer is that it doesn’t trim as close as others.


Pros: Stylish design, powerful, long battery life, fine-tooth comb, useful extras

Cons: Doesn’t give a close trim.

Choose a precision beard trimmer that will get your look

Precision beard trimmers are essential for getting the exact look that you want. Whether it’s a close fade, a clipped beard, or a thick moustache, choosing the right trimmer for what you want is the first step for achieving it!

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