Panasonic Beard Trimmer Review

Kempt September 17, 2012 0
Panasonic Beard Trimmer Review

So, you like Panasonic beard trimmers? They don’t offer that many, but the ones they have are really good products. If you are looking for Panasonic beard trimmer reviews, then this is the perfect article for you. I’ll tell you about the best Panasonic trimmers on the market right now, and I’m sure that you’ll find one that you like. Panasonic is known for affordability, but these trimmers also have some great features that you’ll love.

Panasonic ER224S

My Panasonic beard trimmer review for the ER224S is very favorable. This trimmer has 14 different settings that go from 0.04 inches to 0.79 inches, and that gives you a lot of different trimming lengths. There is also a detail trimmer that will help you sculpt your beard for any style, and the stainless-steel blades are sharp, accurate and very durable. panasonic-ER224s -Pro: This is a beard trimmer made to last, and the 14 different length settings will give you ultimate control over your beard. -Con: The head is a little big and unwieldy around certain areas of your face, so it can be a little difficult to trim your jaw line at times.

Panasonic ER2403K

I found that this trimmer is nice and accurate, and it’s great for trips or using around the house. My Panasonic beard trimmer review of this unit is mostly favorable, but I don’t like that you don’t have quite as much control because there are only five length settings. However, the ergonomic body is easy to control, and the blade oil and brush that are included work really well, so this unit should last a long time. panasonic-ER2403K -Pro: This is a very portable unit that you can easily bring with you wherever you go, and it runs on AAA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about charging it. -Con: Not quite as strong as the other Panasonic trimmers, and it doesn’t have many length settings.

Panasonic ER2061

This is a precision trimmer that will make is easy to style and maintain your beard, regardless of what you want it to look like. There are 10 different length settings, and the blades are strong enough to cut through thicker beard hair. The body is also nice and ergonomic, so it’s easy to control when you are trimming your facial hair. panasonic-Er2061k -Pro: This trimmer has a good number of length settings, and it’s easy to control while trimming. -Con: This trimmer is slightly bigger than most other Panasonic beard trimmers, so it might be a little tricky to use if you are looking for thin lines.

Panasonic ER-GB40-S

This is by far the best of my Panasonic beard trimmer review. You get a total of 19 length settings that go from 1mm to 10mm in 0.5mm increments. You also get three combs to help style your beard, and the trimmer is nice and light. This is a great beard trimmer if you want the best control. panasonic-er-gb40-s -Pro: Many length settings, easy to carry and use and amazing control over your head. -Con: The longest setting is 10mm, which may be too short if you like long beards.

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