Top Ten Beard Trimmers

Kempt August 20, 2012 1
Top Ten Beard Trimmers

Are you looking for the top ten beard trimmers? Here are my favorite trimmers that are sure to give you a good cut. Just try them out, and I’m sure that you’ll throw your old model into the trash.

Conair GMT900R

This is the beard trimmer for ultimate control, and I believe that it stands at the top of all the other beard trimmers. There are 15 different lengths to choose from, and there is a display that shows you how much hair you can cut with once pass. -Pro: There are few other beard trimmers with this level of control. -Con: The trimmer doesn’t really have any handgrips, so it can be a little awkward to hold.

Wahl Model 9918-6171

This versatile trimmer is one of my top ten beard trimmers because it has many different components and parts to get that perfect style, and the blades stay nice and sharp for continuous shaving. -Pro: You get a lot of different parts to really customize your shave. -Con: When the blades finally dull, you’ll really notice the difference.

Philips Norelco T980 Turbo Vacuum

This beard trimmer comes with a vacuum that sucks up all the little beard whiskers, and it has nine different length settings so styling your beard is easy. If you find the regular vacuum isn’t enough, then turn on the turbo vacuum for even more power. -Pro: This is a powerful trimmer with a great vacuum that reduces cleanup time. -Con: The battery life runs out quickly when you use the turbo feature.

Panasonic ER224S All-In-One Cordless Beard Trimmer

This is an all-in-one detailer that is a surefire pick for the top ten beard trimmers. It does grooming, cutting and detailing, and you can even use it while showering. -Pro: This is perfect for anyone with any beard length or styling needs. -Con: The head is a little big, so you might have some trouble shaving smaller areas.

Braun Cruzer 6

Not only does this beard trimmer have 12 different lengths, but it also has a head that will automatically adjust to any hair conditions. This is one of the top ten beard trimmers because it gives you control and comfort simultaneously. -Pro: Many adjustable lengths and an adaptable blade. -Con: The blades move slower than most other beard trimmers.

MANGROOMER Scruff Sculptor

This beard trimmer features a display that shows you how much beard hair you can cut, and there is also a turbo button so that you can quickly go through those thicker portions without tugging or pulling. -Pro: This has some of the best features for a beard trimmer. -Con: The controls are advanced, but the trimmer itself has an outdated design.

Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer Pro

This isn’t one of the top ten beard trimmers due to features. It actually lacks many of the other features shown on this list. However, it uses carbon blades that are almost as hard as diamond, and this is an affordable trimmer that you can easily pack for vacations. -Pro: The blades require absolutely no maintenance. -Con: Missing some advanced features.

Oster VT4 Trimmer

This beard trimmer has a soft grip that is easy to hold while trimming, and the blades get nice and close to give you a close shave and great detailing work. -Pro: This trimmer is easy to hold and is quite affordable. -Con: It’s a men’s shaver, but it looks somewhat feminine.

Philips Norelco QG3270

A nice, simple beard trimmer that has a very long battery life due to lithium ion batteries, and the blades are very sharp for very close shaves. -Pro: This trimmer lasts much longer than most others. -Con: It doesn’t have many detailing features, so it’s best if you’re ready to really trim the beard down.

Remington MB200

This is one of the top ten beard trimmers because of the titanium blades that last much longer than most other blades, and the zoom wheel makes it very easy to specify how much hair you want to trim. -Pro: This trimmer is easy to hold and the zoom wheel gives you good control. -Con: Low battery life that only lasts about 30-40 minutes.

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  • Steven M

    what kind of bullshit reviews are these. “it’s a men’s shaver and looks feminine?” it’s not a shaver either, it’s a trimmer.

    have you even used any of these trimmers or just put together some crap your self to generate page views?