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Do you like to keep your beard neatly trimmed but hate the mess that comes with it? The answer is a vacuum stubble and beard trimmer. They suck up all the stubble and trimmed hair as you go, meaning there’s no clean-up at the end. Even better, you can use it anywhere! Find out our top four best vacuum stubble and beard trimmer products on the market right now.

Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer Pro Review

I loved using this product, not just for the vacuum feature, but for the quality of the trim and all the other awesome features of the product. It’s got a cool digital screen that shows you either the battery level or the hair length you’ve selected which is obviously really handy. Even better, the trimming length is adjustable meaning you can create lots of different styles. It can be used unplugged too and combined with the powerful vacuum this means anywhere anytime trimming! The only annoying thing about this trimmer was that it wasn’t easy to clean out the vacuum.


Pros: Powerful vacuum, trimmer works very well, lots of cool features

Cons: Hard to clean vacuum compartment

Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Nose/Facial Hair Trimmer Review

Loose hairs when trimming my facial hair cause me to go into a fit of sneezes, so a powerful vacuum on my trimmer is a must. I really loved that it came with a travel case, particularly because that’s one of the best uses of vacuum trimmers. It’s best used for smaller trimming jobs, like side burns, eye brows and nose hairs but what it does it does very well!


Pros: Pulls hairs up quickly to prevent nasal irritation, travel case

Cons: Won’t do big jobs

Remington MB-70 MB70 vacuum beard & mustache trimmer Review

This is a really outstanding vacuum stubble and beard trimmer. The vacuum is powerful and the trimmer is easily adjustable and doesn’t feel like it’s going to slip to another setting. It feels like it’s well made and will last for a long time. When trimming, it didn’t pull at my beard and the trim was precise, probably because the blades are so sharp. Only complaint I could make is that it’s quite loud and a bit bulky.


Pros: Adjustable, sharp trimming blades, didn’t pull, vacuum got practically every hair, sturdy

Cons: A bit bulky and loud

Wahl Senior Vacuum Clipper Review

Unlike a lot of electronics these days, this vacuum stubble and beard trimmer is made right here in the USA! The vacuum on this trimmer actually attaches to your home vacuum, meaning there is no extra cleaning step for the trimmer itself. I found this saves a lot of time and effort compared to other products. The adjustable trimmer lets you get a really close trim, or keep it a bit longer. I liked that I could use it on my hair as well because it saves me money! The only issue I had was with the vacuum hose, which felt a little cheap and flimsy and kinked once or twice. I could fix the kink by running warm water through it to give it back its shape.


Pros: Vacuum attaches to your home vacuum, adjustable trimmer, can cut hair

Cons: Vacuum hose feels flimsy

Time to invest in a one of our picks for the best vacuum stubble and beard trimmer

Vacuum stubble and beard trimmer products are a great way to save money and to keep your facial hair neatly trimmed without making a mess! They’re perfect for travelling and many can be used without a power point. Make the move today and experience how much easier grooming can be.

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