Best Cutthroat Razor

Kempt March 16, 2013 0

Shaving with a cutthroat razor requires a lot a skill and high quality tools. We can’t help you with the skill part, but we can help you find the best cutthroat razor! A sturdy, sharp, easy to handle razor is one of the best ways to avoid the cuts and nicks that you’re bound to experience when you first start out. We’ve put our necks on the line (literally!) to test a range of razors, and these are our top four!

100% Wood Handle Shaving Straight Razor Review

Amazingly, this little no-name razor is one the best cutthroat razor we trialled. Don’t let the lack of brand name put you off, this will give a fantastic shave. It does require a fair amount of honing and stropping before it’s ready to use, but after that I found it stayed sharp for a surprisingly long time. It’s nowhere near as expensive as it could be for the quality you get, but the price does go up when you factor in the accessories you’ll need to purchase.


Pros: Close shave, blades stay sharp, well-priced

Cons: Needs a lot of pre-care and extra accessories

Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor Review

If you’re looking for a good quality, entry-level razor, this is the best cutthroat razor for you. It’s very cost effective but it still works and will give you a chance to try out using one without the epic price tag that many high-quality models come with. It also comes with a storage box which makes shaving feel a bit more special! With the lower price tag comes some disadvantages. The unit itself is not as solid as you might want, and the handle is made out of plastic. But I can’t really complain for the price!


Pros: Perfect entry-level razor, inexpensive, storage box included

Cons: Cheap-feeling handle

Straight Razor Classical Ultimate 7 Pcs Shaving Set Review

This cutthroat razor actually comes as part of a seven piece set. The price is quite high, but once I looked at all the accessories, it actually seemed like a pretty good deal! The manufacturers have not compromised on quality at any point and I could feel that from the moment I picked it up. The razor does not come honed and stropped, but this isn’t a problem because you get these accessories included. This is definitely the best cutthroat razor set on the market!


Pros: Lots of accessories, extremely high quality

Cons: Very expensive

Dovo Shavette Straight Razor Steel Handle Review

One of the big benefits of this razor, if you’re a bit lazy like me, is that it doesn’t need to be stropped. It’s nice and easy to use, so another best cutthroat razor for all those beginners out there. The handle is completely metal so it feels sturdy and durable to hold. You can also use several different types of blades in it, so it’s great for those who are just starting out and wanting to try a whole range of blades.


Pros: All-metal handle, can hold a range of blades, easy to use for beginners

Cons: Avoid if you like stropping

Get that cutthroat close shave today!

Be prepared for blood, sweat and possibly some tears on your road to cutthroat shaving glory. Getting your technique right will take time, but the benefits are numerous so keep on trying. One way you can minimise the blood loss and maximise the results is to use the best cutthroat razor for your needs and budget. Hopefully our picks have put you on the right path!