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If you’ve been suffering from the pain of razor burn, or simply not getting a close enough shave, it might be time to ask if you’re using what is the best mens razor. We’ve tried and tested all kinds of products to come up with our best mens razor reviews. Read and find out whether yours has made our top five!

Dorco Pace 6 Plus Review

This was the first six-blade replaceable-head razor I had seen, and I figured more blades would mean a closer shave. I’m happy to say that the results proved this to be true! I was amazed at how close the shave was, and the lubricating strip definitely helped. It felt like the Aloe Vera and Vitamin E were helping to calm down any razor burn that might have come up. The six blades might be a bit much if you have very stiff coarse hair though, since it pulls quite a bit and might cause irritation.


Pros: Six blades, smooth shave, effective lubricating strip

Cons: Might irritate if you have coarse hair

Gillette Fusion Proglide Review

The Fusion Proglide is similar in many respects to the standard Fusion razor, which is another of the best mens razors. But the Proglide has a few changes that mean I think it’s a little better. It’s better at reaching those hard to get to spots and the handle is much easier to hold, especially when you have wet, soapy hands. The obvious disadvantage is the extra cost of replacing the blades compared to the already expensive standard Fusion blades.


Pros: Close shave, gets into tough spots, comfortable handle

Cons: Expensive refills

Merkur Long Handled Chrome Safety Razor Review

With its chrome finish and classic lines, you might be surprised to learn that its good looks are the least of what this razor has to offer. This is the mens best razor for those who are serious about shaving with a straight razor. While the technique might be hard to adjust to, once I got the hang of it, I started to wonder if I would ever go back to disposable razors!


Pros: Beautiful design, peerless shave quality

Cons: Tricky technique

Schick Hydro 5 Blade Razor Review

This was the first five blade razor I used, and I was a convert from the first stroke. The shave is smooth and close, and the razor has a flip back trimmer head so you can take care of sideburns and under your nose easily. The blades stay sharp for many uses which is good because the replacement blades are not cheap. The only issue I have with this product is the lubrication strip: it can get a bit slimy if left wet for too long.


Pros: Smooth and close shave, flip-back trimmer, blades stay sharp

Cons: Lubrication strip can get slimy

Feather Double-Edge Razor by Jatai Review

If you are interested in trying traditional manual shaving, this might be the best mens razor for you. Don’t be put off by the plastic; the parts that matter are made from good quality materials. The blades are not at as steep angle as many other modern razors, making it ideal for men with sensitive skin. The blade itself is still incredibly sharp though, so if you keep using the blades provided, you should get a close, irritation-free shave.


Pros: Close, irritation-free shave, good price, excellent entry-level shaver for traditional shaving

Cons: Plastic parts, can get better quality but will pay more

You deserve the best mens razor

It doesn’t matter if you prefer shaving with a disposable razor or with a traditional straight razor, there is a product out there that will suit your needs and budget. You might want to stick with what you know, or break out and try something new, but either way hopefully you now know what the best the market has on offer is.

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