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Kempt February 2, 2013 0

More people than ever are making the move back to straight razors for shaving. Using the best straight razor is the first step in getting the smooth, clean, lasting shave you are looking for. The best straight razor for men will set you back more than your standard disposable/refillable razors but it’s well worth the investment. To save you time and money, we asked what is the best straight razor for men and these are the results!

100% Wood Handle Shaving Straight Razor

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is an off-brand razor- if you’re looking for classic, stylish design that delivers a great shave then this is the best straight razor for you. Because it’s not a brand name, this product is also significantly cheaper than other straight razors. To be ready for use, I found this product needed a significant amount of stropping, but after this it’s ready for daily (or twice daily if you’re hairy like me) use.


Pros: Classic design, super close shave, relatively cheap

Cons: A lot of stropping is needed

Merkur HD 43C Double Edge Razor "Long Handle-Stainless Steel"

I loved this product and found it gave a great shave with no nicks. It has a good sized handle and is nice and heavy so it fits comfortably in your hand. Merkler also make a whole range of straight razors with different sized handles so have a look and find which is the best straight razor option for you. The razor is not completely stainless steel and I found it retains heat, so be careful using after you’ve rinsed it in hot water!


Pros: Good handle size and weight, but also comes in a range of sizes

Cons: Not completely stainless steel and retains heat

DOVO 504B 5/8 Col Conk Straight Razor with Full Shaving Set

This product is a little on the pricey side, but it’s well worth the investment because of all the extras you get. Made in Germany, in addition to the straight razor you receive: a boar shaving brush, balsa wood strop, leather stamped travel pouch, shaving mug and shaving soap. This is the best straight razor for men who are new to shaving with a straight razor. I didn’t like the handle on this razor as much as some of the others, but in the end that comes down to personal preference.


Pros: Lots of great extras, perfect for newbies

Cons: Not my favourite handle

Damascus Steel Buffalo Horn Straight Razor with Premium Shave Kit

Another kit, meaning it is again at the expensive end of the market, but this is a worthwhile investment. Classically beautiful yet functional, the set includes a high quality folding razor, shave soap, shaving bowl, and shaving brush. What really shone for me in this kit was the shaving soap which contained Shea butter and Aloe Vera. As you might know, I have pretty sturdy hair and I noticed a big difference using this shave soap meaning this is definitely one of my picks for best straight razor for shaving.


Pros: Great accessories (especially the soap), classic design

Cons: More expensive than other options

Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

This is one of the cheaper products on the market, but it still provides an incredibly clean shave. The blades are disposable but they last for ages and when you buy the razor, you get a pack of replacement blades included. If you’re looking to test the waters of straight razor shaving but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is the product for you.


Pros: Inexpensive, great for those wanting to try straight razors

Cons: Disposable blades mean an ongoing cost

Genuine Leather Protective/Travel Case for Straight, Shavette and Barber Razors – Felt Lined

Once you’ve decided on the best straight razor for you, you might want to consider a protective case to keep it in good condition and make it last forever. A genuine leather case like this one will ensure that your will protect your investment.


Now you know what is the best straight razor

Switching to shaving with a straight razor is a smart decision if you want a consistently clean, irritation-free shave but relies on using a quality tool. The best straight razor for you is in sight!