Top Straight Razor Kits Reviewed

Kempt February 15, 2013 0

Deciding which straight razor to buy is almost as difficult as making the decision to switch in the first place. The amount of different implements you’ll need might seem daunting, but with straight razor kits, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. We’ve reviewed the top 3 straight razor kits on the market to show you what you can get.

DOVO 504B 5/8 Col Conk Straight Razor with Full Shaving Set Review

What you get: DOVO 504B 5/8 Col Conk straight razor, lifetime hone, strop and polishing, free balsa wood strop, leather stamped travel pouch, boar shaving brush, shaving mug, shaving soap.

First let’s start by talking about the straight razor itself. While I didn’t love the handle, this was the only concern I had with an overall amazing product. As far as the extras go, this straight razor kits got everything you need. The leather travel pouch is a nice extra touch!


Pros: Excellent blade, good selection of extras

Cons: Handle wasn’t to my taste

Damascus Steel Buffalo Horn Straight Razor with Premium Shave Kit Review

What you get: Damascus Folded Steel Buffalo Horn Handle straight razor, hypo allergenic deluxe shape soap, shaving bowl, boar shaving brush.

This straight razor is truly beautiful yet still entirely functional. The Buffalo Horn handle is classic and masculine, not to mention the quality of the razor itself. What I really loved about this straight razor sets is the accessories. You get only the bare essentials, but they are all fine quality and chosen with care. The soap in particular, I’m not ashamed to say, definitely changed my skin for the better. Not surprising since it contains both Shea butter and aloe. The shaving bowl is hand-dipped and holds the soap firm and fitted nicely into my hand. The only thing I was disappointed in was that the sharpening accessories were not included.


Pros: Close shave, premium quality accessories

Cons: Didn’t include sharpening tools

Straight Razor Classical Ultimate 7 Pcs Shaving Set Review

What you get: Cut throat straight razor, 18” leather strop, strop paste, badger shaving brush, shaving soap, steel bowl, razor honing stone.

The razor in this set gives a close shave time and again, provided you follow the stropping and honing instructions before you first use it. The accessories in this set make is one of the best straight razor sets because they allow complete control over your shave. I loved that I could get back to basics with this product and understand the process of straight shaving. There is a lot of technique involved with using this set, so be prepared if you are a beginner.


Pros: Close shave, everything you need is included

Cons: A lot of care needed before use

Make the change with one of these straight razor kits today!

Straight razor kits don’t come cheap, but if you buy a quality product, it will last you a long, long time. You might need to learn a new technique, but the level of control and the closeness of the shave you’ll get will make it all worth it.