Best After Shave For Men

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The best after shave for men should let you leave the house feeling smooth and confident. You might have tried more than a few already and found them to be lacking but you don’t need to look any further! We’ve compiled and reviewed a list of the best after shaves to make it easy for you.

Jovan Musk By Jovan For Men Review

This cologne has a really timeless scent that both men and women love. It’s a real all-rounder and very well priced. I’ve given this as a gift to more than a few friends who’ve asked what I was wearing and they’ve since adopted it as their ‘signature’ scent. If you’re looking for something a bit unique though, you might want to consider some of the other best after shave for men options on this list.


Pros: Timeless, well priced

Cons: Not the most unique scent

Aqua Velva Ice Sport Cooling After Shave Review

This is the best after shave for men who don’t want to spend the world, but also don’t want to compromise on quality. It has a light, refreshing scent that doesn’t overpower your senses like some cheaper after shaves. It also has a nice cooling effect that hails back to the old-school after shaves. It can be pretty hard to get your hands on though, which is a testament to its popularity!


Pros: Budget-friendly, light scent, cooling effect

Cons: Can be hard to find

Saxon After Shave Cream Woodspice Review

This is a strong, masculine scent meaning it is the best after shave for men who want to smell like men. I found it also smoothed the bumps and razor burn I had after shaving which was a real bonus. It also comes in a Golden Musk scent, but some people might find these scents a little dated.


Pros: Masculine scent, great for razor burn/bumps

Cons: Scent is a little dated

Burberry Brit By Burberry For Men Aftershave Spray Review

I absolutely love this product. It’s fresh and clean while still being masculine and not at all overbearing. This is the the best choice looking for something a little more upmarket. The scent works well day or night. Because it’s a designer product, it does come with a relatively high price tag.


Pros: Best after shave for day and night

Cons: Relatively pricey

Nivea For Men Extreme Comfort Post Shave Balm Review

This after shave comes as a balm, rather than a cream or spray, meaning it doesn’t leave a shiny finish on your skin. I would especially recommend this as the best rated aftershave for men with sensitive skin, and each bottle lasts for ages. The scent is very mild, to the point that you can barely smell it, which is a draw card for some, but not for me unfortunately.


Pros: Long-lasting, no greasy finish, excellent for sensitive skin

Cons: Extremely mild scent

The Best After Shave for Men Like You!

There are lots of good options out there for the best after shave for men that aren’t overwhelming, girly, and that actually make your skin smoother and clearer. Hopefully this has helped cut the field down to help you find the best after shave.

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