Best Mens After Shave

Kempt March 22, 2013 0

The use of after shaves dates back to roman times and the tradition has continued ever since. The best mens after shave will obviously depend on the man, but we think we’ve found a few that will suit just about anyone. Read on to find out our top five best mens after shave.

Clubman Pinaud After Shave Lotion Review

If you’re looking to smell like a man who has just walked out of a barber shop, this is the best mens after shave for you. It’s clean, refreshing and masculine without being overwhelming. There is alcohol in it, so if you’re prone to nicks and cuts while shaving, prepare for a wakeup call when you splash it on your face of a morning.


Pros: Classic, masculine scent

Cons: Contains alcohol

L'Occitane After Shave Balm for Men Review

This product goes on smooth and absorbs quickly, so you’re not left with greasy looking skin like with some after shave balms. It works well to calm and relax your skin, meaning its great if your skin often feels sore and raw after shaving. I loved the scent and also how long it lasted, but if you’re not into perfumed after shaves, this might not be the one for you.


Pros: Smooth, leaves skin moisturised but not greasy, relaxes your skin

Cons: Scent lingers for most of the day

Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm Active Comfort System Review

One of the best mens after shave products on the market for guys who want something that makes their skin feel better after shaving, but don’t like the scents that come with a lot of them these days. There is a mild smell to the cream, but this disappears pretty much as soon as you apply it. It’s not too abrasive either, so it’s perfect if you have sensitive skin. The only way this product could be better would be if it handled small cuts better, but as a trade-off it’s not a bad one!


Pros: Very mild scent, good for sensitive skin

Cons: Doesn’t work as well on cuts as others

Old Spice After Shave Lotion Splash Review

It might not be the exact same as the Old Spice after shave my dad used to use when I was a kid, but it’s pretty close! There’s a reason they’re still making this stuff and that’s because it works well and smells great. I love wearing it and being reminded of my father and grandfather! It definitely makes me feel like a man.


Pros: Works well, smells great.

Cons: Not exactly the same Old Spice smell as before

Burt's Bees Men's Aftershave Review

This product is the best mens after shave if you don’t like the burning sensation that is so hard to avoid, even with ‘sensitive’ products. I noticed a huge reduction in the amount of bumps and irritation I experienced after shaving. I think that’s probably because of the natural ingredients, but whatever it is, I like it! I only wish that it was a little less greasy when going on.


Pros: No burning, reduces bumps and irritation, natural ingredients

Cons: A little greasy

The best mens after shave for any man

Every man is different, and wants different things from an after shave. Our list of the best after shaves has something for every man, so there is sure to be something that will suit your needs!