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Best Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer

Kempt March 23, 2013 0

Do you like to keep your beard neatly trimmed but hate the mess that comes with it? The answer is a vacuum stubble and beard trimmer. They suck up all the stubble and trimmed

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Beard Trimmer Best for Men

Kempt March 16, 2013 0

Finding the beard trimmer best suited to your hair type is crucial to achieving the results you want. We got together men with a range of different hair types and needs and asked what

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Best Precision Beard Trimmer

Kempt March 15, 2013 0

With beards making a huge comeback in men’s fashion, using a precision beard trimmer is more important than ever. Whether the style is rugged and untamed or chiselled and defined, if you want to

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Best Beard Trimmer for Men

Kempt March 13, 2013 0

Do you want to know what the best beard trimmer for men is? We’ve researched, tested and reviewed the top five best beard trimmers on the market right now so you can get the

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